What to Wear for Engagement Pictures | Summer 2015

Not sure what to wear for your engagement pictures? Is it giving you anxiety? Don't let it! Styling your engagement session can be a lot of fun, but if you are stressing about it, follow our tips below - or call us! We would love to weigh in on your outfit choices! If you haven't read our previous post about What to Wear to Your Engagement Session, feel free to do so, otherwise we have some tips below just for your Summer 2015 Engagement Session:

  • Choose the color you look and feel best wearing. Then, choose a color that compliments your chosen color. In our example, we chose a blush/rose color. Then, we began building our outfit by choosing a secondary color: Teal.
  • If instead of a color, you have a killer pair of shorts or a skirt that you love, start there. In our example, we have floral printed shorts. If your item is busy such as plaid or floral, choose solid color clothing to accompany the pattern.
  • Choose clothing you FEEL good in. It's not just about looking good. If you are uncomfortable your pictures will show it. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes that make you feel like a 10. When you are both comfortable is when the natural, "candid" looking photos get captured.
  • Dress for the weather. When in doubt, dress in layers. Many times our morning photo sessions start out chilly and end up much warmer during the summer months. Yes, we can "Photoshop" blue lips and fingers, but it makes our lives a whole lot easier if they're not blue to start with!
  • Next, accessorize. Use your accent color in small, but purposeful pieces such as shoes or jewelry. In our example above, we chose to accessorize with teal earrings and casual sandals. Summer is full of wonderful options like sandals, headbands, sunglasses, etc.
  • Don't be afraid to mix patterns. In our example the large floral pattern works great with the small plaid-print. Try to avoid similar patterns such as two florals or two plaids.
  • Last, it's time to make sure your fiance (literally) fits into the picture. Be sure not to match exactly, but integrate similar accent colors and neutrals. In our example we chose a teal button-up plaid shirt and charcoal jeans with grey tennis shoes.

If you're visual like me, head over to Polyvore and play with their design tools to get ideas!

Remember, if you are not sure what to wear for engagement pictures - shoot us a photo and we always have advice.