What is a Bridal Portrait?

Bridal portraits from wedding day Will you be doing bridal portraits on your big day?

It’s a question that we have asked many times. Usually the answer we get in return is “I don’t know…what is a bridal portrait?”

So, what is a bridal portrait?

In the traditional sense, a bridal session is a portrait session where the bride takes portraits in her full wedding day attire. The best photo is then displayed at the wedding reception.

We have seen though that the classic bridal session has been, in a way, replaced by the modern day engagement session.

Over the years the term “Bridal Portrait” has been muddled together with the events of the wedding day and has evolved into a shorter way to say “formal pictures of you and your soon-to-be-spouse.”

Growing up, my grandmother had, what we referred to, as the “wedding wall.” It was a wall of all her children who had gotten married. After the wedding, each child gifted an 8x10 photo to Grandma and she would hang the formal portrait of the bride and groom on that wall. Seven photos hung on that particular wall. This memory is the root of how I describe what a bridal portrait is.

Wedding Day Bridal Portraits

For most of our weddings, we work with the bride and groom to schedule a MINIMUM of 45 minutes with just the two of them. That time allows us to capture not only a formal portrait of the newlyweds, but it also allows us to capture some more fun, relaxed images that display their personalities. We always recommend doing these photos before the majority of the day’s festivities (and their stress) sets in.

The Day After Session

Another fun idea that we have seen is doing a “Day After” photo session. Realistically this session can happen anytime after your wedding day but we recommend doing it within a week. A “Day After Session” tends to extract a whole new take on the newlywed couple. After the wedding is over, the food has been eaten and the DJ has gone home, the stress from the day fades away and what is left is the love, emotion and excitement to finally call your other half “husband” or “wife.” Why not capture tha