Has My Wedding Photographer Shot at My Venue in the Past?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get when planning a wedding day with our brides and grooms is whether or not we, as wedding photographers, have photographed a wedding at their venue before. That got us thinking that this experience at a specific venue may be carrying some weight in our couples’ minds.

Our answer is this:

There are pros and cons to both sides.

Sure, it’s always an advantage to have photographed a wedding at a venue previously. Some of the pros of having photographed a venue in the past are that we may know what the venue will look like at certain times of the day. We may already know the “good spots” to do family portraits, or the best angles to capture the head table.

However, we love photographing new venues, and we will tell you why!

We love the challenge in finding not the best angle, but the most creative way to capture your day. A new venue and an unfamiliar territory forces us to be creative - to look for new angles and new, innovative ways to capture the perfect photograph. Why is this important? Because in doing this, we create unique images that haven’t been created before.

We find that in photographing the same venue over and over, many photographers (ourselves included) tend to stick to what is comfortable - what has worked in the past. By doing this, the pictures turn out great - just like they did the last time and the time before that. Having that “comfort zone” sometimes deters photographers from trying something new.

Of course, all our images are different - regardless of the location or venue - because the people, the atmosphere and all the details of your big day are unique to you. Your dad will only ever give his speech about giving away his little girl once. Your first dance with your husband will never happen at another event on another day, and your great uncle Walt will (probably) never drink 6 Manhattans and try to moon-walk to a Frank Sinatra classic again.

These are the moments our cameras live for and we don’t think it matters much whether we have been in the room with someone else on another day or if it’s our first time on your dance floor, head table or cake table.

BUT, for those of you still wondering, we do check out unfamiliar venues when possible before we photograph a wedding so we know the lay of the land before diving in on your big day!