What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

You have found your photographer. You have booked your wedding date, signed your contract and sealed the deal. The engagement session date and time is set…and then it sinks in: “What the heck are we going to wear?!” This decision can be – by far – the most stressful part of your entire photo experience. Our best advice is simple: wear what you feel comfortable in. We are big believers in the mantra “look good, feel good.” We want you to be able to focus on having fun and acting comfortable and natural in your photographs. If you are uncomfortable in your clothing choices, that’s a distraction that we find comes through in your photographs.

The last thing we want to happen at your proofing session is for you to wonder “What is that weird look on my face?” For all we know, you might have been concentrating on the fact that your belt was pinching you or that your feet hurt so badly in your shoes. We recommend you leave those beautiful – and painful – style accessories at home.

Below are some more of our top tips for what to wear to your Minnesota engagement session that are relevant for any season!


  • {her} Plan your wedding makeup trial the day of your engagement photos. Not only will you get a preview of your wedding day makeup, but you will look fabulous in your engagement photos as well!
  • Embrace bold colors. If you are afraid of the bright colors, try using them as an accent to your neutral wardrobe. You will be amazed what a bright scarf, necklace or tie can do to liven up your images.
  • Splurge on fabulous new (comfortable) shoes. We tend to walk quite a bit in our engagement sessions, so if you’re going to splurge, do it on shoes! And if you do, let us know – we will be sure to feature them in a few of the images we create!
  • Iron your clothes – not even Photoshop will get those pesky wrinkles out! Be sure to iron even if you bought a brand new shirt for the occasion. Store hangers can leave odd shoulder shapes and obvious shirt creases!
  • Bring props. We love to include props that mean a lot to you as a couple. Be sure the props that you do bring are significant and meaningful.


  • Wear white. It can make your complexion appear washed out and depending on your background can make you blend in.
  • Wear anything with big logos or writing. Not only will the graphic be distracting in your photos, but it can easily date them as well.... Remember JNCO jeans? …yeah….
  • Wear exact matching outfits. Exact matching outfits can quickly transform your romantic engagement photos into a seemingly 90’s sibling portrait.
  • {him} Wear white socks. Try to go for socks that are darker than your pants. Patterned socks are perfectly acceptable, but if your socks are brighter than your pants and shoes, they will stick out like a sore thumb if we get a peek of them in any of your photos.

Have you already had your engagement session? We would love for you to leave your advice and tips in the comments!!


Image credit: Created on Polyvore.com