The Hutton House: A Gorgeous New Minnesota Wedding Venue

Open House at the Hutton House

My florist friend and I went to an open house last night for a new Minnesota wedding venue last night called The Hutton House. We are still seeing hearts (you know, the fun heart-eyed emoji?). The venue is unexpectedly nestled near Medicine Lake just west of downtown Minneapolis. Driving there was a scenic trip around the lake. Then BOOM, a strikingly gorgeous wedding venue around the next bend.


Even from the parking lot the venue speaks for itself and commands attention.


The first thing you see walking into the venue is the grand fireplace. It stands floor to high ceiling as the focal point in the main room. My florist friend, Emily from Hadley Road Event & Wedding Floral and I were SWOONING with ideas for decor and pictures.


Upstairs is where the bridal suite, groom's den and bathrooms for the bridal party are located. We were delighted by the brightness of the venue and stylish decor around every corner.


Finally, we popped our heads into the upstairs bathroom to find this lovely bridal bathroom with modern, vintage blue and white wallpaper!


We are beyond excited there is a beautiful new venue just around the corner from home. We are even more pumped to work with the lovely couples getting married at Hutton House in the future.