Outfit Tips and Tricks for your Engagement Photography Session

Planning an engagement photography session can be an exciting time.

It's a great way to show off you and your future spouse's creativity and style. And what better way to do that then to make sure your outfits coordinate with your pictures perfectly? Here are a few tips and tricks for your next engagement photography session from us at Rotella Photography.

  1. Stay True To You

    If you hate boots and your future spouse can't stand dress shoes, nix it! Your engagement photos should echo your personal style and what you and your future spouse love and enjoy. You may find yourself uncomfortable if you both are in outfits you find unappealing and this will also resonate in your photos.

  2. Comfort and Confidence are Key

    If you are uncomfortable in your outfit, it's likely that this will show through your pictures-which is not something you want! If you plan on having an active photo shoot, wear something that allows for movement. Not sure if you will feel confident in that mini dress? Skip it and find something else. After all, when you feel good, you look good!

  3. Location, Location, Location

    Make sure your outfits coordinate with the location of your photography session. You don't want to look out of place with the scenery behind you, so if you're location is centered around an urban or industrial theme, it might not make sense to dress in, say, cowboy boots.

  4. How's the Weather?

    Keep the weather (and the season) in mind prior to selecting your outfit. Living in Minnesota, and all the seasons that come with our state, you are probably not going to choose a sundress in October. Just plan ahead and have options available to you incase the weather turns on a dime!

  5. Get on the Same Level

    If the photo shoot you have dreamt up consists of attire that would be on par with a black tie affair, make sure you both are dressed with this style. You don't want to look like your going to the Met Gala while your fiancé looks like they just stepped out of an Urban Outfitters magazine. Coordination is key!

Keep these important tips and tricks in mind prior to heading out to your photo shoot so you can avoid a photography faux pas. It doesn't hurt to stay in the know as much as possible, and a Minneapolis wedding photographer will be able to help you with any questions you may have. If you’re looking into an engagement photography session with some of the best Minnesota wedding photographers in the business, consider us here at Rotella Photography.

Have an upcoming engagement photography session booked?

Or are you still waiting to set up a session? Let us know how you and your sweetie plan on dressing the day of. Already got your prints? What did you wear and how did your pictures turn out? We'd love to hear from you! Give us the run down of how your shoot went in the comments below.