Las Vegas Wedding Vow Renewal

It's time to get personal. Five Years Ago We Had a Minnesota Wedding. Three weeks ago, we renewed our wedding vows in Las Vegas, NV!

This post might be coming a week or 3 late, but better than not at all. Three weeks ago we brought our closest friends to Las Vegas with us to celebrate our 5-year wedding anniversary. For the few months leading up to our trip we joked about celebrating our 2010 Minnesota wedding by having Elvis renew our wedding vows.

As the trip grew closer, we decided we were going to “do Vegas” how we always do - we were going to wing it.

We were in Las Vegas for a total of 4 nights. If you have never been to Las Vegas, that is a LONG time to be in Sin City. After spending most of our money, being overly friendly with the slot machines and even taking my hand at Roulette, we were nearly out of things to do by the last day of our trip. So, we decided to give the Elvis thing a try. Worst case scenario, it should be hilarious, right?

I did a bit of research about Las Vegas Weddings and Las Vegas Vow Renewals before our trip, but had to do a quick Google search as I sipped my Crown and Coke in front of a Wizard of Oz slot machine. That’s when I found the deal of a lifetime. With the remaining $250 in our pockets, we were able to pool our money and book a vow renewal ceremony at “A Elvis Chapel.”

Now, for you grammar junkies out there, I do realize the name of the chapel itself is bad grammar, but for $250 they were going to pick us up from our hotel in a limo with up to 4 of our “closest” friends, do the vow renewal ceremony with Elvis as our officiant, provide up to 15 professional images from the ceremony, Elvis would sing two songs of HIS choice AND they would bring us back to our hotel in a limo. How could we not sign on for this deal?

Long story short, Elvis DELIVERED. He nearly blew our Minnesota Wedding 5 years ago out of the water. We laughed until we cried, we re-proclaimed our love and dedication to one another, and we got some great photos.

Vegas-Wedding-01 Vegas-Wedding-02

Don’t forget, if you are ever planning a Las Vegas Wedding or vow renewal, we will absolutely recommend A Elvis Chapel - and would love to be two of your closest friends, cameras in hand ;)