Why You Should Hire A Local Destination Wedding Photographer For Your Wedding


A destination wedding is the most romantic getaway you'll ever take in your life. Traveling to these often- exotic locations makes everyone in the party excited to get out of town and celebrate the union of their favorite people. However, it raises logistical questions that you wouldn't normally encounter with a local event. With the extra expenses in a trip like this, you may wonder if you should skimp on a few details like having professional photos taken or the travel expenses of bringing a local photographer that you know with you. We're here to tell you that whether you're getting married a half- mile away from your hometown or a thousand miles away, having a photographer isn't a luxury but rather an integral part of your special time.

Location, Location, Location

On the actual day of your wedding, you'll be concerned with how the dress looks, who's sitting where and when you'll be able to kick off your shoes and get on the dance floor. You won't be concerned with whether or not the lighting is right or which angles will create the best shots. A photographer is there to see the special moments of your day, and make sure you hold onto them forever. This is your story, and it's all about having it told as beautifully as possible. Instead of having your friends take a million shots with their phone, it's worth making the investment to have your gorgeous destination captured in the best way possible.

The Importance of Relationships

So, if you decide to have a destination wedding photographer, your next question will be whether or not you should hire someone in your hometown who can travel with your or hire someone once you get there. The truth is that your soon-to-be spouse and you have a tight bond that can't be broken, and a photographer that knows you will always be the best way to bring out this connection in your pictures. If you have the same photographer every step of the way, you get heartfelt photos throughout the entire celebration.

Hiring someone at the destination itself can be complicated due to distance, and it will could create a disconnect between you and the person taking the photos. Having someone you trust will put you at ease for the day because you know you'll be doing justice to your destination wedding. While the photographer may not know the geography inside and out, they'll know you and your party inside and out. Not to mention having someone with a "fresh set of eyes" to the location can be beneficial also, instead of relying on a photographer who frequently hosts weddings in that area, as a new  perspective can result in that one-of-a-kind photo you have always dreamed of!

Choosing the Right Team

We are Minnesota wedding photographers, and we believe in the power of pictures to solidify the memories of the happiest day of your life. With so many of your loved ones in the same place, we know just how important it is to give you the images to hold onto forever. No matter what, you'll always have beautiful, crystal-clear pictures as a keepsake of your destination wedding!


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