Should You Hire An Engagement Photographer When You Propose To That Special Someone?

If you Google “bad wedding photos,” you're going to see a lot of obvious photo bombs and unintentionally hilarious angles – bystanders looking less-than-pleased with the situation, a lot of closed or half-closed eyes, shots that could only have been framed by the couple's worst enemies. Some of those photos have actually become timeless pieces of laugh-out-loud history; images that will live on as reminders of what can go wrong on what should have been someone's best day. What do most of those funny photos have in common? They were taken by amateurs, by people who are not in the business of making other people look good in photographs. Sure, you can get a pretty good picture with a smart phone, but it will never look as good as a photo taken with a professional-grade camera. The more amateurish the production, the more likely you're going to be unhappy with the result.

Photographing Your Proposal

This is especially true of the proposal picture. Good proposal pictures are rare, because they have to be set up in advance to catch you and your beloved in best light, from an ideal angle, without tipping off the surprise or ruining the event. It's a beautiful moment, but it's also a tricky business. Don't blow it! Hire a professional photographer, one who has been there before and is able to capture your best moments, from the word “Yes!” to that iconic shot of the “Just Married” sign on your limo fading into the sunset.

Connect with a Professional Wedding Photographer

The best approach is to connect with a professional wedding photographer when you're sure this is what you want. Most Minnesota wedding photographers are open to anything you have in mind, and this is particularly true of Minneapolis wedding photographers, who deal with a pretty sophisticated clientele.

At Rotella Photography, we believe each photo should tell the story of a moment in time. We look at all our photo adventures as the chance to tell someone else's unforgettable story -- our clients' stories. We believe in honesty and authenticity. We believe in getting to know our clients through a portrait experience that brings out the best in them. We photograph, edit, design and deliver custom solutions for all our clients.

Don't let this moment pass. You know you belong together, you know it's going to be beautiful, you know you're going to want it all on “film.”