5 Things to Consider When Saving for Your Dream Wedding


Saving for your dream wedding can be a harsh lesson in financial planning if you aren’t realistic about your plans. The budget you’ve sketched out might not be adequate to cover the type of wedding you want. Saving for your wedding takes careful planning in order to realize your dream. Here are some considerations for saving for your dream wedding.

Decide on a Budget for Your Dream Wedding

Come together to decide what aspects of your wedding are non-negotiable, where you can compromise, and what you can do without. For instance, if quality photos are important to you, it may make sense to book a DJ instead of a live band. You might also consider cutting out the lavish goody-bags for your guests.

Once you have the basic plans in place, scrimp and save at every opportunity. You could also ask if your families can help at all. Traditionally, the bride’s family pays for the wedding meal and the groom’s family foots the bill for the bar at the reception. If your parents can’t cover the cost of these items completely, perhaps they’ll be willing to chip in what they can.

Consider Opening a Separate “Wedding Only” Bank Account

The sooner you designate a separate savings account for your wedding, the sooner you can begin saving. And the fact that it’s earmarked specifically for your special day means you’ll be less tempted to use the funds for anything else. Shop around for excellent interest rates to increase your savings.

Figure Out Ways to Cut Costs

Cut the costs of your dream wedding by utilizing local talent for the music at your ceremony. Contact your local music school, or the music department of a university. These students are eager to perform and willing to take far less than a professional strings quartet or vocalist.

Consider finding someone who bakes cakes as a side business instead of using a professional bakery. Carry fresh-cut flowers from your local warehouse store rather than professionally made-up bouquets. Finally, ask your venue if they offer discounts on Friday and Sunday receptions, the off-season, or early in the day. You’ll still have all the ambience of your dream venue, but pay less than you would for a prime time wedding.

DIY Whenever Possible

Ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to get together for a few DIY projects to keep down the costs. You can have fun and create together. Make your own centerpieces. They need not be lavish, just a simple pillar candle set in a glass bowl, surrounded by silk flowers is lovely. You’ll find lots more ideas online.

Save the Earth – and Some Money

Carpool to work, take your lunch, and cut your utilities to save money. For your wedding, repurpose wherever you can. Ask your caterer to use plates and flatware instead of anything throw away. When you go green you can cut corners, which saves you money at every turn.

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