4 Tips You Need to Know to Have the Best Wedding Portraits

While an experienced photographer is the number one key to the best wedding photographs, there are a few other things brides and grooms might want to keep in mind. Just like any artistic pursuit, these rules aren’t set in stone, but they will make your wedding photography experience even better if you take them into consideration:


Photography is art. Art is beauty.

Rotella Photography has a very simple philosophy; we believe that photography is art. Our goal is to capture the essence of the bride in a way that magnifies her natural beauty.

The best way for you to create stunning wedding photography images...wait for it… is to just be yourself. Don’t try to overly pose for us or pretend you’re modeling. We’ll give you some direction, but really we just want you to be natural – and have fun!

Do your best to naturally emanate the love you feel from the inside out, and we’ll be sure not to miss that perfect moment. For most brides this comes easily after a few minutes, and it’s also the reason Rotella Photography includes engagement photos with every packages. That way, we get to practice making art together before your big day.


There is no such thing as over-communication.

In a recent survey from theknot.com, photographers reported that the number one complaint they hear from brides after the wedding is that the photographer didn’t get a certain shot (say of Great-Grandma Martha, etc.)

If there are any specific photos that are important to you, make sure you communicate this to your photographer. Wedding photography is subjective; your photographer won’t know what’s important to you unless you tell them.

Rotella Photography handles this in a super-easy way. We send you a checklist of possible portraits a month before your wedding. We’ve found that this helps you think through the images you would like to capture on your wedding day.

Let’s just emphasize, though, that we treat this list like gold and follow it closely, so brides and grooms, be careful to review our suggestions and make sure we’re not missing anything special or unique to your big day.

Remember that your wedding photographer is there to serve you. This means a mix of family and bridal party portraits as well as all those little special moments in between.  Feel free to be very direct with any of your personal requests as well as the checklist.


Invite your photographer to the rehearsal.

While it’s not mandatory, you might want to ask your photographer if they’d like to attend the rehearsal with you (even if it costs you a bit extra.) This way, you’ll know that the wedding photographer is familiar with the location and the venue.

Additionally, they’ll be able to gauge the sequence of events at the wedding. Knowing what’s coming up next at an event can help your wedding photographer be prepared to change cameras or grab a wide angle lens for dancing.

Most experienced photographers know that it’s best to scope out a venue before the wedding, too. However, when a wedding photographer attends your rehearsal, it means they’ll definitely have the opportunity to find all the secret spots you’ll love being filmed in.


Consider practicing with your face & body in the mirror.

As artists, we believe that everyone has beautiful features, and it’s our job to capture them.  It’s part of our practice of art to make you look amazing. So even though we’ll do our best to bring out your one-of-a-kind smile, we also understand that some brides are more camera-shy than others.

If this happens to be you, why not take some time to practice in the mirror? Models do this all the time; it helps them learn how to hold a pose or identify which angles don’t work for them.

Beyond any other advice we can give you for amazing wedding photography, remember to have fun and be yourselves. Leave the work of capturing memorable portraits to your experienced photographers and just enjoy your big day.