4 Reasons Printed Proofs are Better than Digital Proofing

Have you ever tried to look at an album of pictures online? What about when you are halfway through and want to go back to “the one you really liked?” Was it easy to find? We find that is it hard to tell if an image is “perfect” on a computer screen but it is even harder to choose favorites when you can’t pick them up and compare them side-by-side.

This is the reason we do all our photography proofing with printed 4x6” proofs.

Here are 4 more reasons printed proofs are better than digital proofs:

1. When viewing printed proofs, the colors are true.

When viewing printed proofs, our colors are calibrated to our print house. In short, that means the colors you see are true to the images we captured. When viewing images on a screen, there is no way to tell what the true colors are. Most computer screens are calibrated differently. Viewing your images on your computer and then on your phone may make them look completely different.

2. Sortability (Pretty sure I just made that word up, but you get it, right?).

We think the biggest advantage to viewing your proofs as prints is that you are able to handle the images. You can pick them up, look at them closer, sort them into piles and even compare similar images side-by-side. This is all very difficult to do when viewing images digitally on a computer or phone.

3. It makes designing much easier.

If you plan to order wall art or a book or album of your images, it is much easier to plan your design with printed proofs. It is much easier to visualize a combination of images when you are able to actually lay the images out in the order or orientation you would like to see in a book or on your wall.

4. You get to keep them!

At the end of your session, the proofs of the images you order will be returned to you. Then you can do whatever you choose with them – including gifting them to grandma!

While we yearn to get all our clients’ images off the computer and into your home by printing them, we understand the importance of digital images as well. Did you know that you receive a same-size digital negative with any print or product that you order of your images?