Nicole and Alex's Snowy Minnesota Engagement

These two are getting MARRIED today!!!

While it has been 8 months since we took their engagement pictures, we thought there was no better time than now to feature Alex and Nicole on the blog. Eight months ago, Nicole prayed for snowy engagement pictures. It appeared as though Mother Nature was not going to deliver.

To this day I swear, the first click of my camera was her cue to start sending snowflakes down to earth. It SNOWED THEIR ENTIRE SESSION. It was like the more pictures we took the harder it snowed. It was absolutely perfect.

As wedding photographers, we meet a lot of couples. Our favorite meetings are when we sit down with a couple for the very first time and we can just tell they have a love together that is unbreakable, genuine and true. Nicole and Alex are a prime example of this. We are so excited to spend today with you and your family and friends (we are hoping for NO snow today)!!


Mandy & Jon

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