2017 Wedding Trends

There are plenty of wedding trends that could go the way of leisure suits and dinosaurs and we would all be happy. Burlap and mason jars have pretty much run their due course. Likewise photo booths and chevrons on every available surface. And retiring these worn out wedding fads can only help us make room for more unique, outrageous and delightful 2017 wedding trends and beyond.

Here’s a look at what’s on the horizon for the trendsetters planning weddings in the near future:

Retail Weddings

This one may have started with the infamous Waffle House Wedding that went viral on social media a few years ago. Couples everywhere are celebrating their union in venues such as the Apple Store, Walmart, and various favorite fast food restaurants. Whether part of some creative marketing contest or as an homage to someplace that means a lot to the two of you, hosting your wedding in a retail setting is unique. Be advised however that while some stores and restaurants may view your wedding as good for business, you may be met with management that doesn’t approve.

Food Truck Weddings

Hosting your wedding at your favorite burger place may appeal to some, but the idea of a food truck catered wedding provides you a little more control. You’ll still offer your guests a memorable time as they line up at various food trucks to grab a banh mi taco and maybe some fusion french fries. Food trucks are fun and nothing says “hipster” more than a circle of food trucks just outside your barn venue.

Extreme Destinations

While perhaps not necessarily for everyone, extreme destination-themed nuptials are gaining in popularity. Ballooning over the desert southwest, skiing in the Rockies,  exchanging vows in the spray of Old Faithful. Or shooting the Colorado in a raft are just a few ways in which couples are tying the knot. Remote island locations, and uninhabited locales in the frozen north country are the preferred destination for more than a few couples.  A couple of caveats to the extreme destination wedding-you may have a difficult time coordinating with an officiant and many of your guests may not be able to attend if it’s too “extreme”. Plan wisely.

Unusual Officiants

This is the latest in a trend that’s been growing in popularity since Joey on Friends married Chandler and Monica after obtaining his officiant’s license online. Many couples have approached a favorite family member or friend and the results are truly very sweet and provide a beautiful memory. Consider your options, but remember, your guests probably aren’t ready for robotic officiants and your dog can’t legally pronounce you married.

Character Weddings

Couples who have a profound attachment to such epic movie and television characters as those found on Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Trek may want to include a representation on their special day. Anything from a cake with a light saber topper to a DJ dressed as Chewbacca, or even Leia and Han Solo attire for the bride and groom are on our list of wedding trends.

Game of Thrones has inspired unique invitations as well as opulent attire for the wedding party and interesting seating charts. And for those who want a promise of happily ever after, a Disney-themed wedding is always a popular event. This is your long-awaited chance to be a real live princess marrying your prince. Every conceivable aspect of all the popular Disney tales can be replicated in some form or fashion for your fairy tale wedding.

Halloween-themed weddings are very popular and a lot of fun. Tap into your inner vampire, or zombie and come up with some unique ideas for attire, food and music. Your invitations can reflect your theme and you could suggest your guests join in the fun by dressing like the walking dead.

Trends come and go...

...but if there’s somewhere or something that holds special significance for you and your beloved go for it. After all it’s your perfect wedding day! Remember to capture every precious moment with Rotella Photography. We’ll take every opportunity to make sure not one crazy, romantic, or heartfelt memory is missed. Contact Rotella Photography today.