12 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants to Tell You (But Probably Won't)

12-things-Cover Most often, when it comes to things your photographer wants to tell you, you are probably overwhelmed with information. We tend to talk a lot. We try to give you all the information you need. However, there are some things that slip through the cracks time and time again:

1. When in doubt, add 30 minutes to your photography time block on your wedding day itinerary.

Ninety percent of weddings we have photographed have run behind schedule by 15+ minutes. Most often, that time is “borrowed” from the photography time block. That means fewer photos with your new husband, bridal party and family.

2. Keep the room you are getting ready in tidy.

There are things that cannot be Photoshopped out of a picture, let alone a dozen of them. Think about the wrappers, lady necessities and undergarments that will be in the background of every photo of you getting ready on your big day.

3. Make a desired shot list.

While we can’t guarantee that we will be able to capture every photo on your list, we do need to know who is most important to get photos with on your big day. Not sure where to start? We have a sample list that includes group shots we most often get asked to take. Although we suggest making a list, we beg you not to just copy someone else’s list or send a generic one from a website. Take the time to think about who you want to see in your wedding photos 10, 20 or 30 years down the road.

4. Reserve a seat for your photographer(s) - at both the ceremony and the reception.

Depending on your ceremony venue, there are usually strict rules about where a photographer can stand or move for the duration of the ceremony. We recently photographed a ceremony where we were required to stand behind the last seated guest for the whole ceremony. What did that mean for the couple’s images? Even with our giant telephoto lenses, their photos featured a whole lot of the venue and very little of the intimate moments that happen throughout the ceremony - including their vows and first kiss. If you can, we recommend reserving a seat for your photographer 3-5 rows back and on the aisle. This will ensure your photographer has the option to capture your moments from closer, regardless of your venue’s house rules.

When it comes to the reception, we recommend reserving a dinner seat at one of the front, middle tables. Throughout dinner we will be jumping up to get a photo of you and your husband’s second, third, fourth, etc. kiss when the champagne glasses clink!

5. We need to eat when you do.

Not only that, but we just plain need to eat. Sometimes we get forgotten, but by the time dinner rolls around we have most likely already been working for 6 or 7 hours. You and your posse are our #1 priority. Nobody wants their picture taken with a mouth full of food, so plan for us to eat while you eat so we can be finished when you are. Some reception venues and caterers will insist on serving vendors last, so be sure to address this with your venue or caterer prior to your wedding day.

6. Send your photographer a full schedule and agenda that includes times, places, phone numbers and addresses.

Also include things like the first dance, whether there will be a cake cutting that you want photos of or if there is anything else you want to be sure to have pictures of. We want to be sure we have it on our radar and aren’t in the bathroom or changing batteries when an important moment happens!

7. Recap your rehearsal for your photographer.

There is nothing worse than missing the groomsmen walk in a different location than the bridesmaids when we expected them to come down the main aisle together.

8. This one is a little awkward, but enjoy your first kiss.

We understand this is a very private moment that is being broadcast to everyone in the church, but try to remember that we are attempting to capture that (very important) split second from somewhere in the church or ceremony venue behind you. The longer it lasts, the more - and better photographs we will be able to capture!

9. Communicate to your wedding party, and closest family and friends how important images from your wedding day are to you.

Many times the excitement of the day’s events can trump formal photos and throw a wrench in capturing group photos and candids on the wedding day. Be sure to clearly communicate to your bridesmaids, groomsmen, family and friends how important your wedding photography is to you. One unruly groomsmen or less-than-happy bridesmaid can change the whole mood of your group photos.

10. Don’t set your expectations in terms of your Pinterest board.

While we love to see your Pinterest board and absolutely want to understand your style, we focus on capturing 100% unique images of your day. Additionally, be sure that when you hire your wedding photographer that your really like the style of their other images. For example, our images are bright and very colorful. We don’t do many black and white images. If you are looking for mostly black and white images of your day, we probably aren’t the right photographer for you.

11. Don’t forget about your photographer in the midst of a sea of iPhones.

Everyone wants a photo with the bride and groom on their wedding day - you are looking and feeling fabulous and it’s a once in a lifetime event. Don’t forget and most definitely don’t be shy when you are taking a group photo with someone’s iPhone. Call us over - we would love to capture a photo on our cameras so you have a copy. We’ll even take a photo with your friend’s iPhone so they can be in the picture too!

12. Print your photos!

We live in a digital age. For many of us, we can barely remember if at all, a time before digital images…gasp! Kodak who? Long story short, everyone wants their wedding images digitally - but you would be surprised how many of those images are collecting dust today, years after they were captured. We provide printed proofs and a book or album in every single one of our Wedding Collections. That way you can’t say you got your digital images and never printed them (which, regretfully, is our story from our wedding day).

If there is only one more thing that could convince you to get your photos printed, it’s this: imagine you’re in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. For months now, you have been regularly narrowly escaping death by zombie. You haven’t slept in the same place twice and you have been separated from your spouse. How do you remember him or her? What’s in your back pocket? A USB with your digital image on it, or a printed photograph of your husband or wife?

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